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Cable Beach

Over the past five years I have been writing a travel blog for each journey I’ve taken whether it be overseas or around Australia.  Well actually each jaunt has up until now earned itself its own blog page (all on a different blog site).  However, a recent technical glitch has encouraged me to up stumps and set up camp on a new site  – WordPress.

So here we are, welcome to my new blog – The Shell Collection where all future blog posts  will live.  Rather than have a separate blog for each trip – all stories, whether from travels or my daily life will congregate right here, living together in perfect harmony.

If you’d like to take a jaunt down memory lane or you’re a new comer who needs to catch up, the previous travel blogs can still be found here:

Our Take On Tassie

My lovely Mother, “Me Jenny” and I travel from Hobart up the centre of Tasmania up to Launceston, taking in the beautiful, historical sites along the way.  We even think we may have found an ancestral homestead…. but we’re not sure!

Tasmanian Tea Cosi

The Brown Girls Take World By Storm

Me Jenny and I take on the world of European River Cruising before being joined by my sister, Jodie for a road trip of discovery around South Wales where we locate the home of Me Jenny’s Grandfather.

Brown girls take world by storm

Living The Dream

The London Olympics with 3 awesome chicks / A road trip around Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland with the same awesome chicks / A Cruise to Alaska / The Rocky Mountaineer / Cruising around Canada and New England / Boston / New York…… Honestly – this one is packed full of stories!

Olympics 2012

Mediterranean Maddfest

Four Fabulous Friends Finding Fun and Frivolity For a Fortieth!                     A wedding in the UK / Sweltering at the Vatican in Italy / Sailing on an old wooden boat in Turkey / Discovering Lucky’s Kebab shop in Santorini, Greece.

Santorini, Greece

You Can Take The Girls Out Of Gero

These three ladies have been BFFs for more than 40 years (which is no mean feat when you’re only 35!) This journey takes us to the USA where we survived the 2014 Arctic Vortex in New York, had 2.5 cocktails between us in Vegas and Hula’d our way into Hawaiian hearts.

School Friends

Where To Next?

Where to Next is the story of me and me Jenny cruising the Rhône River in the south of France, visiting Venice, Driving from Italy to Montenegro through the beauty of Croatia, Singing up a storm in The Sound of Music’s Stasbourg before eating our weight in Singapore dumplings!

Singapore Museum

That’s How We Vietnamese Roll

After such a successful trip to the USA, the three BFFs thought another journey would be a great idea, this time to the Land of the Lantern – Vietnam (with a quick trip to Siem Reap, Cambodia).  Not to be left out of anything, me Jenny also joined the ranks of  the BFFs.  This journey was taken in the what can only be described as the hottest time of the year and much much sweating occurred.

lanterns vietnam

My Collection of Shells

This collection of stories are all true recounts of things that have happened and people I have met.


Feel free to click on the widgets sidebar to check out photos and links.  This is also where you can follow this blog or sign up to get emails when something fabulous and new happens.

Thanks for coming along for the ride – it’s great to have you here.

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