The Old World Charm of The Lenna




Jen and I flew into Hobart last night hence arriving in the dark.  We knew we had a “Mountain View” room as all the “Harbour View” rooms were full – first world problem?  Anyway, we woke up this morning and threw open the curtains with great enthusiasm…. and this was our “Mountain View”  I think you could call it a “glimpse” at best.  Nevertheless, the room was comfy, even though Jen is sleeping on a roll-away bed.

(hey, don’t give me that look, I tried to make her take the big bed, but she argued that she was used to a small bed after the motorhome and then just got in it – what was I meant to do?)


The lovely hotel we are staying at is called The Lenna.  Those of you who followed along with the blog entitled “Our Take On Tassie” back in 2013 will remember we stayed here last time.  I love the old world charm and the beautiful architecture… .I mean, look at this gate!


Me Jenny loves a bit of old world charm.  And, would you just look at that day!  They had forecast rain – honestly, what do they know?


It is a tiny bit upsetting that they built the extension in this unflattering ‘government building’ style and blocked the front of the gorgeous old one.  They are trying to grow some ivy up the front of it though, so you can’t say they aren’t trying to make the best of it.


This would have been the original frontage that looked out to the harbour.  There are many buildings in front of it now, but how lovely it would have been to stand up there on your verandah and watch the ships roll in.


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