What The hell Just Happened?

So, with Great Great Grandfathers on our mind today, we made our way to the Tasmanian State Library – Linc.


where we were shown by a friendly lady how to look up stuff on the computer – which we could’ve done from home.  Then we thought, there must be records here of the census’ from back in the day and asked where we would find those.  We were taken into the “History Room”which is a very important room where very important books and very important documents are kept and you must show ID, fill our a form with all your details on it in order to look at these very important things. You must put your bags in a locker – even though ALL the important books are kept behind locked glass doors and then if you want a particular document you have to wait until the appropriate, previously set and agreed upon “retrieval hours” of quarter to and quarter past the hour.  I’m not kidding.


Not the actual librarian – but close!

There were exactly 2 people in that large room and they were working on their own, so didn’t require any assistance.  The very efficacious lady looked at her watch and said, “well I guess I could get them now for you” – it was 11.50am.  So then she walked as slow as it is possible for an actual human being to walk around the desk and then around the room where all the books were behind the glass cabinets searching for what we thought we’d asked for.  It would have taken her about 20-30 minutes to check over the 100 or so books (it wasn’t a huge room) before she came back and said “well it looks like I’m meant to be looking for a map, it says here that it’s a book, but I think it’s a map” – This bizarre conversation went on for a while before I asked her what she was actually looking for.  It seemed we had had a large communication error and nobody quite knew what they were meant to be doing.

So we started again.

She managed to give us some helpful information, but really nothing we couldn’t have worked out for ourselves in the comfort of our own home.

We left that room wondering what the hell we went in there for and indeed, what the hell those people in there did all day?


To take our minds off the morning, we wandered through town, checking out the gorgeous old buildings and wondered why oh why town planners or councils or who ever makes the decisions continue to tear down gorgeous architecture and build modern monstrosities – void of beauty and creativity.


headed towards the Town Hall for what promised to be a spectacular Orchid Show!


Here we go……..


That wasn’t all of it.  Seriously, do you think I’d bring you all this way for 4 pot plants and a great sign?

Spoiler Alert !!!

There’s about to be quite a few pics of flowers – orchids, to be exact….. Enjoy.

  IMG_0428 IMG_0429


IMG_0436 IMG_0438 IMG_0439 IMG_0440 IMG_0441 IMG_0443 IMG_0446 IMG_0447 IMG_0448 IMG_0449 IMG_0450 IMG_0451

I know!

How lovely are they?

You are welcome my friends.


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  1. I love an orchid 💕


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