Une autre magnifique journée en Tasmanie

Today’s trail saw the three Brown girls heading south of Hobart and around one of the most picturesque routes in Tasmania, if not the world!

Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 5.54.45 pm

                    I apologise for the quality of the screen shot pic

We nosed around the township of Kettering where the ferry goes across to Bruny Island and then made our way to the next little town called Woodbridge and as luck would have it – there was a village market on!


It was held in the town hall, where you could do bookmark making and rock art out the front.


Inside you could purchase wooden products from a chap who called his store “Wooden it be Nice?”  There was a lady from Perth, WA who had just moved to Tassie last November selling heated lavender bags, a couple of jewellery stalls and a couple of knitted wear stalls – so, your standard fare.


There was also some live music, who were actually quite good.  They were asking for donations that would help refugees.

A good cause – donation made.


Outside was a little van selling home made pasties and pies and choux pastry donuts….. we’ll take 3 please.


  Our next stop was Grand Vewe Cheeses – Tasmania’s only sheep cheesery.

They have a “retirement village” for the older, more mature sheep….


And accommodation for “The Girls” and their new babies…


Cheese was tasted and purchased and then we were on our way.  This is possibly the only photo that you will see of me…. so enjoy!


One of our favourite places from our last trip to Tassie was a little town of Cygnet.  On returning, I’m unsure, besides being quaint, what was so fabulous about it.  This little second hand shop was cute, but hardly worth the trip across Bass Strait!


Last time we had a lovely lunch at a cosy restaurant called The Red Velvet Lounge. It had a red velvet lounge by a fire place and cute and cosy.  Recently it had a fire and much damage was done.  Since then, they’ve done it all up and now it’s a bit old fashioned trying to be modern.  It was light and airy and clean and spacious, but the red velvet lounge is gone and in its place was a green cotton one! I mean….. it’s in the title!  The food wasn’t spectacular and we left underwhelmed.

 I’m wondering if this corgi ran out of things to do here in Cygnet.


Our final destination for the day was Richmond – about 30 mins drive north of Hobart.  Our accommodation – a pretty little B&B called Mulberry Cottages.  It was a lovely quaint little spot with a gorgeous English garden.  We always book at least 2 rooms for our own sanity and safety.  My sister is quite the light sleeper, where as Me Jenny and I can snore and plough through most things.


The first room we were shown in the cottage had 2 beds, so Me Jenny and I baggsed that one.  It wasn’t until later that we realised that the room we had so hastily chosen was called “The French Boudoir” and the main bed had a canopy and a mirror – on the ceiling. Ew.


This ▼ was my little ‘day bed’ – again with canopy!?  Then one begins to wonder….. why would a French themed boudoir room with a ceiling mirror have a small single bed in there with it?   I guess it does have the modesty curtain.


This was the room that my sister got by default…. the four poster king.  That’s what happens when you’re too hasty!


Our host was in a bit of a rush to go out when we arrived, so she hurriedly showed us around and gave instructions left, right and centre and she pointed to the cupboard in our room and said there were extra pillows and blankets in there for the little day bed.  When we got home from our lovely Richmond pub dinner, we were getting ready for bed and started looking for those pillows and blankets – only to find this……

IMG_0667 IMG_0668

A feather boa and a small lace couch cushion……. Um?


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