The Oldest _________ in Australia

Mulberry Cottage Bed and Breakfast – the beds were comfy, but the breakfast was wasn’t good.  3 frozen crumpets, 5 pieces of frozen sliced bread.  Rock hard butter that you couldn’t spread, 3 choices of old looking, end of the packet cereal, milk in a Tupperware container that you couldn’t pour from and all eaten – two people at a time at a table really big enough for one small child.  We were offered some fresh stewed plumbs though, which were nice.


So we had a little taste and high-tailed it out of there.  Our host was a nice enough lady, but the B&B had been for sale since the beginning of the year after running it for 11 years and the dust and cobwebs in the cottage make a clear statement that she is over it!

Richmond is a historical town comprising of quite a few of “Australia’s oldest” things.  This old bridge is apparently the oldest in Australia built in 1825.  The people of the township of Ross, just inland would have you believe that theirs is the oldest, but who knows?  And really, who cares?  but this one’s a beauty, isn’t she?


The rest of the morning was spent wandering up and down the main street looking into little crafty antique wood turned shops, looking at the oldest gaol in Australia, the oldest existing Catholic church and the oldest Anglican church…….. so historical, it’s hysterical!


wood turned cherries!


Crafty, gifty shops


crocheted coasters! This is why I love Tasmania!


Australia’s oldest existing Catholic church

This is the pub where we had dinner….. it isn’t the country’s oldest pub, but it sure served up a tasty roast of the day!

The Richmond Pub

The Richmond Pub

Now, Richmond has a bakery here which is famous for its scallop pies and Me Jenny wasn’t leaving town until she had one.  So the last stop on our whirlwind tour of the town was the bakery.

There are no pictures of the scallop pie as I was eating my own pie…. so here’s one I found.  Jenny declared that it was lovely.

The Scallop Pie

The Scallop Pie

There was an extreme briskness in the air all of a sudden, just as we were getting ready to leave Richmond.  Me Jenny spotted this snail climbing the wall and announced that it was going to rain.  Not because their were black clouds in the sky or that the air had a cold dampness to it, not because there had been rain forecast for this very day, but because this know-all snail was on his way up.  I tell you, my Mother knows things!


The weather forecast for today

The rest of our day was taken up meandering up the highway to Bicheno, stopping at the little towns and checking out their op shops and crafty wares.


The picturesque town of Orford

These rocks below look just like the hexagonal volcanic rocks of The Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland!


Shelly Beach – Orford.


Shelly Beach

The town of Swansea has a strange rule about camping…..


Swansea cemetery

And there’s our day.  We arrived at our accommodation in Bicheno – a lovely 2 bedroom house overlooking Waubs Bay.  The weather here is not flash, so I won’t share a pic until it’s looking a little nicer.  Here’s what it should look like though……

Our house for the next two nights.

Our house for the next two nights.

The penguins come up onto that beach and if it’s not too too cold tonight, we jut might see them.  If it is too cold however, it will be up to the penguins to come and see us. It’s only fair.

Here we are.....

Here we are…..

And if they’re not available, we’ll just call the wombats…


“Come on Sharon, the Brown girls are in town!”



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