Didn’t We Have a Loverly Day…….

Firstly, I would like to thank you all for your genuine concern and sympathy regarding the incident with my elbow yesterday.  I’d like to let everyone know that it is feeling 100% better today and if I’m honest, unless I press quite hard on the area in question, I wouldn’t even remember that I hurt it…… so that’s good news.

My sister mentioned that we’d better do something exciting today so I can write about something more interesting than hurting my elbow – so we did just that!

Let me take you on a photographical journey of our day…….

Last night there was thunder and lightening and heavy rain, but this morning, we awoke to this lovely view.


The view from our house


The view across Waubs Bay to our little house


Look how calm the bay is today…. although behind these boats there is one half sunken dinghy.

We drove down t0 Coles Bay and Freycinet Bay.


Coles Bay with “The Hazards” in the background

The Beach in front of the Freycinet Lodge was a big weedy, but the water was a lovely colour.


The unassuming Freycinet Lodge

This is how much we love our Mum.


Jen & Jode

And this was the best photo that was taken all day!


Shell & Jen…. I think

Next we pulled into Honeymoon Bay.  It was meant to be a miniature version of Wineglass Bay…….


The walkway through to Honeymoon Bay

So, not as spectacular as Wineglass Bay, but it is still the same shape, so they weren’t lying completely


Mini Wineglass Bay


Just near Honeymoon Bay – amazing coastline


Look at the clear water!

Whilst we didn’t make the trek up the trekking enthusiasts path to Wine Glass Bay, we did take the easier walking option and managed to catch a long distance glimpse of the famous bay from the Cape Tourville Lighthouse.


If you squint, you can see the white beach at Wineglass Bay

This is what it looks like from the air.


Wineglass Bay


The Tourville Lighthouse

Up at the lighthouse there were plethora foreign tourists and I thought I’d best take a picture of these idiots before they fell to their deaths taking selfies.  I think a railing is a pretty universal sign that you stay on one side of it for your own safety, isn’t it?


Not all tourists were created equally intelligent

Here’s my pretty sister, Jodie soaking in the sunshine of this amazing day!


Me Sister

Then if was back to Coles Bay for some oysters.  We are certainly not going to be low in zinc after this trip!


So there you go, was that more interesting than my elbow story?  I don’t know, you tell me.

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