La Maison Française

Today’s journey took us out of Bicheno and up the coast.  We took a left turn up towards St Mary’s and stopped in at the Mount Elephant Pancake Barn for some Tassie renowned pancake goodness.


They take where you park pretty seriously …..


….. but not as seriously as what will happen if your kids misbehave!


The pancakes were delicious and well worth the drive.  I mean, look at these happy diners.


We made it St Mary’s thinking we’d hit the big smoke, but it was sadly a very run down old town with minimal shops, or even olde world charm.  The locals were very friendly though, a lady approached us completely out of the blue and told us to go down to the old station because they had ‘something’ there we should look at and if we go the other was there were quilts. We found neither and headed for the highway.

Everything in Tassie seems to have been founded, started, built or designed by a French person!

A lot of the town, cape and bay names are French and tonight, in St Helen’s we are staying at The French House – a gorgeous French inspired chateau that sits just on the outskirts of St Helens.  The house is just beautiful and the owners are super friendly – if you’re ever up this way, it’s highly recommended!


The French House, St Helens, Tasmania

Tomorrow, I want you to strap yourselves in, cause we’re headed to lavender country!


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