Come on – We’re Moving!

If there is one creature on this Earth that I can’t deal with, it’s the spider.  In fact, even typing the word “spider” and having the picture on the screen whilst I write this is creeping out…. so I’ll keep it short.

I opened the window in my lovely ensuite bedroom at The French House and whilst looking in the mirror, this chap appeared in the reflection – scaring the absolute be-jesus out of me.  I had to back out of the bathroom whilst not taking my eyes off him, and made it to the bedroom door where luckily Jenny was standing just on the other side.  She’s not frightened of spiders, so I sent her into the bathroom to collect all my belongings and I moved into a different room…… and a different town.



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  1. That’s a monster! Have them appearing regularly at my place 😁


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