From the ocean to the mountain

Today we trekked (and by trekked, I mean we drove) up to Cradle Mountain.  Standing at 1545m above sea level, it’s the 5th highest mountain in Tasmania and very picturesque.

On the way up the curly, windy road we drove into a gorge that had a lovely little walk.


It was oh so pretty


And a gave us a good stretch of the legs


There are also plenty of walks you can do in right from Cradle Mountain Lodge, where we are staying and today we did one of them.  We planned to do another, but it started raining, so we got cosy in our cabin and I typed this!  You’re welcome.

Seriously…. we hadn’t even got to the point of departure when I spotted this little guy.


Here’s a close up.


We logged in at the starting point and we were away. Yeah, I know what you’re thinking….. “2 minutes?  10 minutes? – they’re not long walks!”  But I’ll have you know that the times are one way and we did both of them.


The 3 hour circuit had some slippery rocks and I have to look after my mother!


We played a little game of “What Shat That?”


We’re thinking wombat because it’s sort of the same shape as a wombat, if you know what I mean…..

This one ▼ I’m thinking perhaps belongs to one of those little quokka looking characters – the pademelon?


I mean, he looks pretty guilty!


And this one? ▼ Possibly more wombats.  They’ve done it right outside their house!  Seriously, they are animals – I mean, waddle a couple of metres away from the door, at least!


The wood was like a fairy glen of mossed up trees


and lichen


Fallen trees and branches


All perfect for little creatures to make their homes.


How’s this one with the double entrance, or maybe it’s a one way system?  That’s one smart wombat!


There are possibly trolls living under this bridge, which is why they had to build the new pathway over the top of it.  We didn’t see any, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t real.


At the end of the 10 minute walk there is a lovely waterfall



Then once we’d gazed at the waterfall and had taken the necessary photographic evidence of being there….. we walked back to the start and walked 2 minutes in the other direction.


Who is the creepy lady is behind me? ▼


Then, the skies opened up and down came the rain…… luckily, by this stage we were tucked up in our cabin with the heater on.


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