Tasmanian Roadkill


There doesn’t seem be enough people and cars in Tasmania for the amount of dead animals we have seen on the sides of the road.  It is phenomenal just how many we have seen.  I’m talking every 10 metres.  We’ve only passed a small handful of cars on our whole journey so far, so the numbers just don’t add up.


The problem could be that the speed limits in Tassie don’t always match the quality or size of road you are on.  We’ve been driving on windy roads, up and down mountains, with no sealed shoulders and are really only wide enough for one and a half cars and they’re suggesting you can do 100kph.


The animals don’t stand a chance!


They just released 20 Tasmanian Devils into the wild and after a day of being free – A DAY!  2 had been found dead on the road.  Then a couple of days after that – 2 more were found.

Read about it here and here


Devil Island CEO, Bruce Englefield is quoted as saying.”People in Tasmania have to decide; do they want the wildlife that Tasmania is famous for, or do they just want to drive as though there are no animals about?”

Slow down people!


This state is so beautiful – why would anyone want to speed through it anyway – slow down and take it all in.

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