The Stanley Village Nut

High up in the north west tip of Tasmania is a little town called Stanley.

The town sits on a little peninsula lined with two beaches and at the end is The Nut.  A flat hill that you can walk up or catch a lift in the cable car for what is sure to be an amazing view – we did neither, so I can’t tell you for sure.


We did, however stay at the cutest little house…..


With views over one of the beaches one way…..



And views of The Nut out the back…..


I mean The Nut at the top of the hill….. not the nut at the top of the stairs!

This is the main street of shops where Jenny tried a scallop mornay pie – the verdict is that the Richmond Bakery still has the best ones.  I ordered poached eggs that came out like little rocks, when I asked if I could possible have some runnier eggs, she bought out ones had clearly only just hit the water briefly – honestly, eggs aren’t hard to cook – even I can do it!  Speaking of food (as I am want to do from time to time), we had dinner at the Stanley Hotel last night and the food there was fabulous.  Sure, she was just pub food, but better pub food I have not tasted.  We couldn’t find fault with any of it – and that is rare!


This is the house that I bought whilst we were here in Stanley…. well I would have if I ever thought that I’d like to live in possibly the most remotest places in Tasmania.  Cute, isn’t it?


We popped down to the wharf to check things out and noticed that the tide was definitely out – the tops of those wooden bits in-between the boats are the jetties.  You’re going to need a long leg to get down onto your boat now.


This was one of the biggest cows that I think, besides the highland cows in Scotland, that I’ve ever seen.  This one was super curious.

What are you lookin’ at?


All in all, it’s a long drive into Stanley and it’s one road in and one road out, but for me it was well worth the drive.

Seeya Stanley, ya big nut!

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