Meet You At The Newy

After a brief, but very enjoyable stay at the Tarraleah Lodge…..


High Tea in the Lounge

We said our goodbyes to the Highland Coos, who I must say weren’t really that happy that we were leaving…. they’re giving us the silent treatment here, some pulling their hair over their eyes so they don’t have to watch us drive away…


Then it was pretty much a clear run to our next stop – New Norfolk.

Here are a couple of highlights from the journey….


This is Gretna Green ▼

We were wondering if people in Tassie race here to get married like they do a the Gretna Green in Scotland.  Back in the 1700s a marriage act was passed in England and Wales where people under the age of 21 who wanted to get married had to get permission from their parents and if a parent didn’t agree – that was the end of that, so the young sweethearts raced up and over the Scottish boarder to Gretna Green – the first village you come to, where they could marry without parental consent. Boys had to be at least aged 14, girls at least 12!   1 in 5 Scottish marriages still happen there.  I’m not sure the pub in Tassie has the same pull – the sign next to the door says “No meals today – I’ve gone fishing”


New Norfolk is quite well known for its antique shops.  This one ▼ was HUGE.  The building is the Old Derwent Hospital – an old mental asylum and it’s now filled to the brim with antiques and collectibles.


Something for everyone here….


These are pianola scrolls ▼.  Our next door neighbour used to have one and I was fascinated by it.  Jenny’s Grandparent’s used to have one too and it was Jenny’s go to thing to play with as a kiddy.


Antique toothpaste anyone?


We’ve stayed at a couple of B&B’s that could have done with these old bed warmers.


Another little shop in town was called The Drill Hall Emporium was full of the most beautiful things.

Glove manequins for gloves that would fit my hands!


Lots of hat boxes and suitcases and baskets of lovely things….


Super expensive and difficult for the non scale user to read….


Beautiful displays….


Such a lovely shop – if you’re ever in New Norfolk in Tasmania, it is well worth the look…. you  just might want to bring an extra kidney to sell though because the prices were numbers that I hadn’t seen on price tags before.

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