Emerald Hill

We woke up this morning to this view out our window

Emerald Hill

It’s the old shop houses where people used to have a shop on the street level and live above on the second story.  Now people live in the whole building (some of them were for rent).  Most of the driveways were adorned with a porsche or two of some sort making me think that this is a fairly exclusive little enclave. It runs off Orchard Road – very convenient to all your shopping needs.

Here’s a little run down of the gorgeous buildings…


Including the “One Price Store”.  I think this might be a Singaporean take on the Australian $1 shop or the Welsh £1.20 Shoppe (seen in Tenby, Wales).  On our brief walk past, we were unable to determine exactly what this shop keeper sold, or indeed what the elusive “one price” was.


I love that they’ve been able to keep a bit of the old, even if it is completely surrounded by the new.


A little bit of Tiffany blue makes the front of any house look spectacular!


Some houses had room for a small car in their front garden


Some gorgeous tiles that adorned the front of another lovely house


Then across the street were the bigger, more impressive three story places with driveways and front gates.


Some complete with faux lawn


And a brilliant security system to stop door to door sales people knocking on your door/ringing your bell.


Just imagine Singapore on your average 30 degree muggy day, sitting here just watching the world go by.


And some people here are very much for cleaning up after your pooches….. and other people, probably the ones who have clearly pulled this sign up from it’s original position and placed it in this alleyway weren’t that fussed on the concept.


Look at the cool lanterns hanging there


And the sweet floral adornments on the awning rope


Got some brolly that you don’t know what to do with?


Emerald Hill should be in a Home Stylist magazine all of its own.

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