The Night Safari….. almost!

We are only in Singapore for two days this time and as we’d been here before, we’d seen a lot of the tourist attractions on offer.

We had done the Tree of Lights

The Giant Mushrooms

We had visited the Marina Bay Sands Observation Deck


with its awesome and yet sickening infinity pool.


We took the river ferry or ‘bumboat’ as they are affectionately called


all the way around to the Art and Science Museum (where we saw the Annie Leibovitz exhibition)


We’ve been the ultimate tourists at the Raffles Hotel

Raffles Hotel

where we sampled the finest Singapore slings and threw peanut shells on the floor.


We took in a bit of culture and visited the Peranakan Museum

01 Understanding the Nonya and Baba @ Peranakan Museum (Singapore) (Large)

These people needed a bit of guidance….



This trip, we thought we’d do something completely different.

The Night Safari

cat eyes

A trip to the zoo, at night, to see nocturnal animals

We’d planned it, we’d talked about it, we went to the information office to find our more information on how to get there and what it would cost, etc, etc, etc…..

Then, after a wee nap in the afternoon we had this conversation:

Jen: So, do we want to go to this?

Shell: Yeah, well, I’ll go if you want to

Jen: (giggling) Do you want to go?

Shell: That’s all we’ve talked about

Jen: Yeah, I know, we should go

Shell: I don’t really like zoos

Jen: I don’t really like buses…… or queues

Shell: Shall we give it a miss?

Jen: Yep.

Which brings us to right now, where we are sitting upstairs in the club room of our hotel with a glass of wine in hand  looking at the 180 degree view watching the city light up around us.

Singapore at night

There is a small woman coughing over the food offerings and there is a couple with a sick child who is also coughing  quite a phlegmy cough and watching a kiddy show on his iPad – how do I know it’s a kiddy show, I hear you ask?  Because I can hear it – quite clearly.


The poor kid needs to be rugged up in bed, but his well meaning parents are just finishing off their wine first, and to be honest, who can blame them?

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