Japanese Cuisines

When in Japan, you’ve got to try everything, right?  Well, no, cause I’m not trying eel, the inside organs of anything, nor am I trying fish eyeballs.

We were handed an English menu in a restaurant and it had been painstakingly scrapbooked with cut our pictures and stickers and origami.  We thought it had been a special touch with only the English menu, but when we looked at the Japanese menu – it was just the same!


Our first sip of sake – luckily they only come in these small bottles because we weren’t massive fans of this one.


On a stop over spot in Kawaguchika we stopped for a local speciality – Hohto Nabe.  It is a special dish only for this area and it was delicious!  Oishkatta Des!

We’re near Mount Fuji, so everything, even the chilli pots are Fuji themed.


So this is the Hohto Nabe.

It’s a big hot bowl of broth with miso filled with udon noodles and veggies.


Apparently, so the story goes, the Samurai warriors used to like to have a big bowl of this goodness before they went off to fight, so we thought we’d give her a burl and geez, I’m glad we did!


Next Yoko surprised us with these little beauties.  They were little cakes that had a biscotti texture to it and had a sweet paste inside.


Lastly, we have matcha and chocolate biscuit mushrooms.  Such delicate little morsels.


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  1. I cannot believe the crap you are eating and drinking when compared to what Colin is dining on. Have you ever wondered why he stays home?


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