The Emperor’s New Shoes

So in Japan, there seems to be a fear or phobia or something of cross contaminating floor dirt from one area to another.  This leads to the changing of ones shoes a number of times per day depending on which area or even room you are in your house/hotel/room.


These are toilet slippers – worn only in the toilet.


These are balcony slippers – worn only on the balcony.


These are inside slippers – but only inside your hotel room.


These slippers are for outside your hotel room, but not outside the hotel.  People wear these to onset and the restaurant and all lounge areas as part of the whole lounge suit ensemble.  They are very uncomfortable and you can’t be too sure if you have them on the right feet.  Jenny has opted to put the ‘shoe sheets’ into these ones, which are sticky inlays that go on the shoe show that you don’t mix your tinea with the last person who wore them.


So, this how we went to breakfast…..


to match our lounge suits!


Now let me talk to you briefly about the toilet.  As Me Jenny said, going to the toilet at home is going to be pretty boring after this!

They are all digitalised – and I think quite unnecessarily.


There are buttons to make the lid go up and down – I actually like this feature.


Then the showering and the bideting and the drying….. I will admit that I did try it all out and I didn’t hate it.  I’m not sure I could get used to it as the norm, but I am on holidays, so why not treat myself, amiright?


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  1. Males don’t read those instructions, they just press buttons until the water runs out. I do like the Shower/Toilet idea though. Being able to do all your ablutions in the one area sounds simple, especially as we get older. It’s just going to feel strange having the water come from below instead of overhead, but to each their own. At least you will have some footwear to keep you 10mm from the action.


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