But Wait! There’s More…

All throughout the park, naturally there are gift shops and snack places, etc…. and I found an awesome gift for just about anybody – ninja stars!  Who doesn’t love a good ninja star?


Here are some more lovely scenes from the Kenrokuen Gardens

One of my favourite things to do on tour is getting Me Jenny to post – even when she doesn’t know she’s doing it.

I had instructed Jenny to do an Adriana Xenides from The Wheel of Fortune…


RIP Adriana – The best gameshow host ever!

… and the ladies to the left of Jenny on the bridge are clearly staring and thinking ‘Why is this woman standing here with her hand out like that?’  The friend on the left has finally spotted me and the the penny drops.


This was the most amazing tree – It is either  growing wildly and they are just trying to help it, or they are training it – ‘bonsai’ style with the aid of these poles.  Either way, its awesome.

Then we found this one tree that has grown on a slight angle and they have gone to all manner of lengths to keep it from falling over….


….. not like the tree in Greenough, Western Australia – there’s nothing holding that thing up.  They make ’em tough back home! (although admittedly, it has already hit the ground)


Borrowed from Google Images – fstoplounge.com

There were so many people there, but none stand out more than the cute kiddies, unless of course you are wearing your robe out, you are a giant anime character, you’re dressed in your beautiful kimono or you have Japan’s best mullet!


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  1. Love the trees!! Koji makes the best Ninja stars out of paper!! x


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