After last night’s find in the park, we knew exactly where were headed today and we also knew that we weren’t going to get back on the bus.  We meandered our way through the back streets and found this lovely antique shop/cafe along with some lovely little makeshift gardens outside front doors.

Then we came across the Onicho Markets – fresh seafood, veggies and restaurants.

Smoked fish anyone?


We picked up a cup of strawberries (and two sticks to eat them with) and we were on our way to the park.

Please strap yourself in for cherry blossom overload.

Again – we invited a few friends along with us for the day….


But a few hundred people didn’t stop Jenny from seeing every single one of those trees!


People were all getting ready for their ‘hanami’ – the Japanese word for sitting under the cherry trees and having a picnic – we were sitting on a bench and two gentlemen asked to share our seat.  Then the first gentleman, who spoke excellent English asked us where were from and if we minded if they ate their food.  “or course not” was our reply.  Then they asked if we would mind if they had a drink. “of course not” was our reply.  Then he clarified that it would be beer that they would be drinking, because you know – Hanami – just in case that was the deciding factor… and I realised that he didn’t really understand where we came from!

He had been to Australia three times.  He was a professor of physical education and his friend was a policeman, who was very high up (probably worked on the 7th floor) and was also a 6th dan in Judo.  At first our friend told us he was a 5th dan, but his silent friend whacked him on the arm said ‘6!”

He shared his dried squid with us and then we left them too it.


Where’s Me Jenny?


Taking a selfie here does not put you out of place – AT ALL!


Nor does wearing your robe!


Honestly – tell me who’s prettier?  I just can’t decide!


As we were walking along this lovely, open park – with the plenty of room, we noticed that there was man very close behind us – almost ghosting except for the sound of his slappy shoes.  So we slowed right down and he had to slide sideways to get around us – I’ll just repeat here that we were in a very open park with plenty of room, then he stepped sideways in front of us as if he had a specific path to follow and we were just in his way!


Cherry blossoms at the castle.


And here’s Me Jenny walking without moving her arms.  I wasn’t sure why, but I just asked her and she said, “Because that’s how the Japanese walk – perhaps because there isn’t much room.”



So there you have it!  Our reason for coming to Japan – to see the Sakura.  We were panicking a bit back in Tokyo as everyone kept saying we are too early and it is too cold, so if we don’t see another blossom this trip – it will be ok, because we have takin in our fill today.

Well done Kanazawa!


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