Life’s Lessons

At the end of a trip I like to look back and reflect on lessons learned and things I would maybe do differently next time.

Don’t get a hair cut before you travel – especially if you’re going shorter than you’re used to making it tricky to put up in the heat or on a bad hair day.


When packing – less is more.  We did a super job this trip.  I’ve finally learned to pack light.  Every item had a dual purpose and we wore every item we took – even if it were for 5 minutes (hat/scarf/gloves).  Credit where credit is due – well done us!


Downloading apps and subsequent extras, like maps BEFORE you leave home is a fairly important lesson.  You never know when you’re going to have free WiFi.


My good friend, Marie will shudder at this next point, but you really don’t have to take your own shampoo and conditioner.  Hotels will give you something that is workable for the couple of days you’re staying.


Be willing to try new foods.


Always, and I mean always learn the language basics, even if it’s hello, goodbye and thank you. It shows respect; that you are trying; most people will humour you and help you along; and it’s fun!

Thank you in different languages

If you are going to a country where you will struggle with the language beyond the basics, brush up on your mime skills before you go and have a practise on the plane.


Bandaids, ziplock bags in varying sizes, small containers for creams/lotions and shower caps to cover the bottoms of your shoes in your case –  amongst other things are invaluable items.


Pick some easy jewellery that goes with everything that can be worn in the shower and the pool so you’re not taking it off and putting it back on all the time – you’re less likely to lose stuff then…… and probably leave the diamonds and rubies at home.


A smile says 1000 words in all languages around the world – sure some are more creepy than others, but that’s a whole other lesson!

finger smilers

Happy Travels campers……

Until next time, take it easy and watch out for wankers!

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  1. Thanks for sharing Shell. And those last words are relevant, no matter where you are. X

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