Dernier jour en France

I can’t quite believe that this leg is coming to a close after 3 weeks in France, this is our last day!  I feel that Bella can sense that something is amiss because she is reluctant to leave my side (this is not actually true – Bella does exactly what she wants) Although Edward, Our host and Bella’s human asked if I had been feeding her because she had gone missing since our arrival (again, I didn’t lock her in my room, she chose to sleep there of her own accord!)  So we sat here together soaking in our last moments together.

NB: I just read this paragraph again before publishing and realised that we have an Edward and Bella relationship – ala the Twilight movie!!!  That just made things a little odd.


Our last sitting out on the back area of our chateau (with another of the resident moggies)


It was goodbye all things French – I mean, can you get anymore French than this car in front of this pharmacy.  There are at least 12 pharmacies in each village.  I think it’s a law or something?  Not only that – every second person seems to be on crutchets!


We think that Chassanay, the resident French bulldog – well, they’re just called bulldogs here, maybe crossed with a pug, it was hard to tell, she was pretty happy to have new people to talk to.  She came around as often as she was allowed, generally followed by her human who was calling out for her to come home.  Chassanay’s owner didn’t know that we were holding her down for kisses.


Deb was in love with every dog she came across and I think this photo aptly shows how much the dogs loved her right back.


And this little one made herself quite at home laying on the table and crawling from person to person for loves.


So we say goodbye to Bella and to Chassanay and the other ginger moggie.  We say goodbye to Montertelot and our new best friends Yannik and Valerie who owned the pub, but the most sad of all goodbyes is the one to the peeps.  We’ve had such a fab time, but as the saying goes – all good things must come to an end.

Thanks to Deb, Jason, Kylie, Brian and Jackie and not forgetting Scott and Jen for such a great trip.  It’s been awesome and I’m chuffed that I was invited to join you….. or did I invite myself?


NB: This photo came about because I was doing something on the computer and Deb sat down quickly to look at that something…. then we started chatting and realised that we were still sitting right on top of each other.

Deb: “Do you think I could possibly move over a bit now?”

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  1. Thanks Shell. We have loved having you with us – it made the trip I think. xxx


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