You know when something is randomly funny and you laugh until you almost wet your pants and then you laugh at other people laughing and then for the days/weeks/months after you laugh every time you think of the incident.

Well on our train ride earlier in the trip from Paris to Narbonne we were whiling away the time playing games. We’d played all the card games we knew and had moved onto word games.  Jason suggested that we play the alphabet game where you choose a topic i.e. animals and go through the alphabet saying names of animals until somebody couldn’t think of one.  You start at A, so Jason went first… “Antelope” to which Deb randomly shouted out of turn “PENGUIN!”  We all turned and stared at her, in what can only be described as confused disbelief.  Nobody was sure what game Deb was playing, as Penguin neither began with an A, nor a B….. it didn’t even start with the last letter of the previous word.  This began the uncontrollable laughter and from then on, if anybody did something that was considered a bit stupid – you called “Penguin”.

On our last day – Deb was awarded the Penguin Award.


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  1. Yep. Penguin of the year.


  2. That’s how dumb Deb is. Couldn’t she have thought of an Antarctic Penguin?


    • Well, that’s a bit harsh BEB and in answer to your question, the rules of the game are that you can’t simply put the name of a country in front of an animal i.e.: Australian kangaroo… But can’t blame Deb for not knowing the rules considering she didn’t even know what game we were playing.


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