A Japanese Feast

After the buffet style debacle last night, we opted for the traditional Japanese dining room.  We were shown to a little private room with one of those tables where you sit on the floor, but there’s a hole under the table for your legs which was very comfy, but made for much amusement when getting up.

We had about 8 courses of different Japanese dishes, one of which we cooked ourselves on the little burner which I quite enjoyed.  We talked about getting a couple to take home, but then decided that they would probably just end up in the cupboard with the Vietnamese cooking implements that we just had to purchase after our cooking safari there, and then never used!

There were some foods we recognised and many that we didn’t, but we tried everything.  Our waiter told us that the little bamboo sheet under the meat was “Only for decoration. “Please do not cook”. We heard him tell the people in the next room as well,  so obviously somewhere along the line, somebody has cooked and tried to eat it!

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