Holed up in Carnarvon

Well, I’m not too sure what’s happened, but a massive front has just hit the WA coast and she is raining like there’s no tomorrow.  So our one night stopover in sunny Carnarvon has become two and a possible three!!!


Our caravan park hails itself as the “Kalgoorlie by the Sea” and here’s what it looks like after a massie downpour.


So because it’s raining and sludgey, we’ve been stuck in the van all day, but there was a break and we took that opportunity to take a walk around the park…… here are the highlights.



Mrs Wilton, I thought of you when I saw this. 💕


I guess this is a Kalgooliesque campsite?

Some lovely plants….



Someone here has some great gardening skills…


No bathroom fixtures go to waste here.



They even have a bowling green and clubhouse, called “The Shed” where they have a bar and pool table, lounges and tables, darts and a big screen telly.


Fun for the whole family…. except kids aren’t allowed, so even better!  Well, I guess they can go if they’re accompanied by their parents, but whatever.


It’s 5 O’Clock somewhere!


Good to see they have the standardised line from which one must throw the dart – no cheaters thank you!



Well done Capricorn Caravan Park….. Well done.


Venturing out of the park and down to the petrol station for a bit of shopping and retail relief, we spotted a sign for organic fruit and veg and followed the dirt road…

Then this lady roared around the corner on her quad bike with a cup of tea in hand.  She was picking up her kids from the end of the dirt road.

Once we got to the end we realised that the organic fruit and veg shop was really just the veranda of her house….. and bless, she didn’t have too much on her sale tables.  But, we’d walked all that way, so we were buying something.


What an awesome way to get to and from school!



 She had a couple of sad looking paw paws there, but offered to cut us down a better one from her tree….. yes please!  You don’t get fresher than that.  We also purchased two avacados that were as hard as rocks


A little bit of Bali right here in the back block of Carvarvon!


Then it was back down the path, past the plantations and to the shopping mecca of the Caltex.


🎶 Take the long way home…… 🎶


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  1. Love your blogs. Very entertaining!


  2. Oh Shell..you are hopeless (and hilarious) hahaha…the thought of you all confined to the m/home is off my radar !!!!! xx


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