I can see clearly now……

Day 3 at Port Samson and after a downpour last night and then another little bit of rain this morning,  the clouds finally disappeared and we were treated to this beautiful blue sky.


With this brand new sun shiney day, Jen & I took ourselves for a lovely walk to the beach.

My guess is that this rail bridge is out of order…..


A new way of taking a selfie when you haven’t washed your hair.


Everyone was out to play…. even this little guy.


It’s amazing what mangroves can grow in – these bushes here are just sprouting up out of rock and sea water.


I think this might be the furthest away I’ve been from Me Jenny so far on this trip!


I love beach combing…. so many treasures.


And I love a good spinifex or two.


In the distance there you can just see a long jetty with some big ships at the end of it.  That there is Port Walcott which sits at the end of Cape Lambert.  It is a port facility operated by Rio Tinto Iron Ore and is able to handle 80 million tonnes of iron ore per year.


A fantastically glorious day!  Pity it’s our last one here….. but don’t feel bad for me, our next stop is the Pardoo Roadhouse. Woohoo!!!


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