An Authentic French Experience

Thanks to Google and to Fliss and Tammy, we found the most gorgeous little French restaurant – that shouldn’t be too hard to do in Paris, I hear you all say…. but we didn’t want a touristy experience…. and we were not disapointed!

We also… just like real life Parisians took an Uber for the first time!  I signed up months ago but never really had the need for one, but we logged on, we submitted our request and teh bloke was there in 2 minutes.  Incredible!  I definitely heart Uber!

Here we are ordering the Uber and it turned up before Felicity got back across the road!


Le Petite Chatelet – it was fabulous!


It sat in a little street looking across to the Notra Dam Cathedral which was all lit up once it got dark.

We were also treated to the most fabulous head of ginger hair that I’ve ever seen.  Seriously this man’s hair was so well groomed, it could have been a stick on lego wig.  It was tremendous!

It was only a small little place with an open fire and hotplate where all the meat was cooked.


We order escargot, which Matt tried for the first time….. His review:  “They taste like sand.”  I think that’s a fair assessment.


We tried bernaise sauce, crepe suzette, froi gras, creme caramel, profiteroles – as many French inspired things as we could wrap our laughing gear around.

The food was great, the atmosphere was happening, the service was friendly.  I think you could say that we were very happy campers/diners.

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