London’s Burning!

In London, the average high temperature during summer is 21℃ – but today the mercury hit 33℃.



This is not an acceptable temperature when you are not near water.  Some people got straight out into the sun to soak it up; some will have flocked down to the likes of Brighton (see below) for a quiet swim and a tranquil lay on the soft sand hard pebbles, I decided to head to the Westfield Shopping Centre in Stratford (next to the Olympic Park – memories!) to do a spot of shopping and stay cool in the air conditioning.


The plan started out well and I scoped the directory for what sort of shops I was going to be welcomed with – and I looked into nearly every one of them.  I obviously left alone the men’s and children’s wear;


I also don’t like to buy shoes or bags or jewellery and have no need for homewares or manchester while I’m over here, which narrowed my shopping itinerary down quite a bit, leaving me with ladies clothes , a games shop (I do love a jigsaw) and the Apple Store.


This is a jigsaw – cool hey?

I ticked off the last two swiftly, but this is where the day started to ebb for me.  I’m not sure whether it is me or if fashion is just awful at the moment, but I just can’t find anything that I like.  Getting them to fit is a whole other story – but first I have to find something that I want to fit and that’s hard work.


I think my style might be plain jane block colours, lots of black and a little bit of quirky that I purchase and then never wear.  So today was fairly fruitless when I couldn’t find anything.  It doesn’t help that it’s 33 degrees and the shops all have their winter coats out.

 A little like Broome in WA, their Target store – the only place to shop in Broome! They have winter gear in their store during the winter months which sounds reasonable – except that they don’t actually have winter months!  They need shorts and bathers all year around.  They want us all to dress like this:


Sure, it’s a little different here in the UK, today is quite unseasonal – even in season.

One thing that does happen when the sun come out over here and that is when people just whip their gear off and sunbathe in their undergarments in the park.



I’m not too sure how I feel about if I’m honest with you.  I get that it’s really just like have your bikini on, but somehow it’s not.  I mean, I’m all for wear what ever you want, but there’s something about it.  If it’s acceptable in the park, then why isn’t it acceptable in the office or walking down the street?  Maybe it should be – then it wouldn’t seem so odd on the odd hot day.


There were three separate articles circulating today in London in The Daily Mail, The Sun and some other top name newspaper – all quality journalism, about whether people should just undress in public parks.  I don’t know – what are your thoughts?

I’ll tell you what I do think about this heat though – you should be able to do anything to either enjoy it or get away from it.


So at the end of my adventure – I still have nothing to wear!

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