Two Ladies and a Gentleman

100 years ago when I lived in London my flatmate’s circumstances changed leaving me a bit high and dry on the “someone to live with” front.  So I set out looking for ‘flatmate wanted’ ads.  After going to visit substandard houses and meet dubious housemates I came across an ad that seemed too perfect to be true.  A share house with three ladies, near Greenwich and near the train line, and it turned out, near the best Nepalese restaurant you’ve ever been to outside of Nepal!

So I turned up at this house to meet the ladies…


I have to say that when the ladies lived there, this house was colourful and decorated and had lovely things hanging on the walls and from the ceiling…. and that’s just the outside I’m talking about.  The inside was an eclectic visual bombardment of beautiful things.  Esther and Angela, the original tenants of the house were collectors of beautiful artifacts, appreciaters of art and curators of artworks.  There space was a little like the Louvre in that you could never see every piece of artwork in your lifetime.

Saskia, my Liverpudlian friend was the third housemate and she, just like I marvelled at how you fit all that art in one house.


You remember Saskia from the last blog post.  She’s the lady who introduced me to “Gin in a Tin”

The ladies asked me to join their household and I jumped at it – moving in the next weekend.

These ladies taught me to appreciate good cheese;  they taught me that expiration dates on packaged food was merely a suggestion and they showed me what kindness really looked like.

Each time I come back to London I make it a priority to come and visit them and their now 4 year old son, Josiah.

So lovely to see you again ladies…. and your gentleman








The things you have to do when you have kids!


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