A Day of Kulcha

There is a new kid on the block in the ‘places to go and have a drink with an awesome view’ campaign.  The newest and hippest place to be is at the top of the Walkie Talkie Building – so called because it’s the shape of old fashioned walkie talkies….. good luck  explaining that to the kids of today.


Anyway – the official name is Sky Garden @ 20 Fenchurch Street.


You have to make a booking to go up to the top where the cafe, restaurant, bar and view is situated.  And a fabulous view it is too – 360º


The Shard and London Bridge over the murky brown water of the Thames.


Looking east over the Tower Bridge and Tower of London out towards Canary Wharf


Looking out to the South West


Can you see the Eye?


Looking around for Tanya


The bar area


Can you spot me in amongst the plants?


Looking out to the north past The Gherkin


Looking out towards the west….. passed this woman, who stood right at my shoulder until I stepped back so she could get in close to the window to take her photo’s head.


And there’s Wembley Stadium….. Can you see it?  It’s just there.


This is cafe where you can buy take away coffees and light snacks.


Seriously, I keep losing Tanya.  It’s like she’s wearing camouflage.


Next stop on our day of kulcha was at the Natural History Museum which I’m embarrassed to say that when I got there realised that I had never been there before.


The outside of the building is pretty amazing



but the inside gives the outside a run for its money as well.


The special exhibition on at the moment is about colour and vision – the evolving eyesight of animals.


There were quite a few specimens on show like Charles Darwin’s pet octopus.  I wonder what sort of pet they would make?  I can’t imagine they would be terribly cuddly… although they do have quite a few arms.


Out of all the animals on Earth, human eyes are apparently quite uncomplicated and our brains fill in a lot of the blanks that our eyes can’t handle.


This is eye ball of a hedgehog.  I’m not sure how I feel about that.


This chap is an artist who was born with no colour vision, so he has this permanent antenna attached to his skull!


Who is seeing an angler fish?


No museum of any kind is complete without crazy mirrors.  This was Tanya’s way of cloning me so one of me could go home and the other could live in London forever.  My top self doesn’t look too sure about the results…. my bottom self doesn’t seem to be able to see at all.


I’m a little concerned as to where my bosom is sitting… but compared to the chin on the girl next to me, it’s the least of my worries!


I’m not sure I know what’s going on here.


There is nothing that is not funny about this photo, but at last, I have long fingers and they don’t look creepy at all!


The last section was the stuffed birds.  Why does this Harpy eagle look so perplexed do you think?


We both approached the Dodo showcase and both sighed and gave it an “aw” when Tans added, “Well, they don’t look like the sharpest tool in the shed, do they?”


Time for lunch!  We wandered up the street passed this very unassuming Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints…. do you think the the person who first started this religion is regretting giving it such a long name?


We weren’t planning on having lunch at the CoJCoLDS, we were merely walking passed on our way to Kensington Gardens


Whilst studying the map it occurred to me that I might have never seen Kensington Palace.  Can you imagine being Kate and Wills and having your house plans up of the general public to see?  Also, what would it be like to have statues of your relatives around your garden?  Most people just have photos in frames.


Just a little memorial for Prince Albert…


And Princess Diana’s memorial… a little more tasteful and quite a peaceful place for all your contemplating.


And that’s enough kulcha for one day.

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