Oils ain’t oils – unless you’re in Greece

Oils and Greece – the slippery journey of two sea glass collecting cousins…
Kiki and Kèlyfos.

For as long as I can remember, my lovely cousin, Chris has been obsessed with the Greek Islands (in a good way).  She has travelled there numerous times before – in vast contrast to my one visit, so when she mentioned that she wanted to go again this year, I jumped onboard before she could finish her sentence…. where I’m sure she was probably going to ask me to tag along.

So, here we sit, waiting to board the plane that will take us to Athens, Mykonos, Naxos, Paros, Santorini and in a slippery twist – Berlin to see the Midnight Oils in concert (for non Australians and non music enthusiasts – they’re a quite famous Australian band)

As soon as we hit Greek soil, we will need to be referred to by our Greek names and we’d appreciate your support in this matter.

IMG_6291(L) Chris – Kiki (R) Shell – Kèlyfos

Effcharisto and we’ll see you in Greece.


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  1. Ahhhh Kiki and Kélyfos – may the tide roll you ever onwards to green pastures and magical sunsets … and then finish that a Peter Garrett impersonation on the dance floor!!!! Woohooooo! X


  2. We are also 4 intrepid travellers touring the Australian Island. Our Greek names are Cassius, Brutus, Shirlanus & Barrabas. So far we have visited one Island and are having trouble finding the other end of it. When we do, we will be home. Our only aim is to avoid Malarkas.
    Estudio Vre Malarka (This is Greek as it is spoke)


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