Mykonos – we’ve arrived!

We were picked up from the airport by a man holding a sign and he whisked us to the old town of Hora in Mykonos to the Porto Mykonos Hotel.  It looked promising with its white walls and white furniture and fabulous view over the old town.  We were given a welcome drink and invited to sit and admire the view for “a while”…. about a minute and a half later, a lady came and said that she’d like to show us to our room now please. We looked up from the still full glass and had to ask if we could please sit for enough time to finish our welcome drink.

She gave us 2 more minutes.


After settling in our room, we headed down into the old town – only a short walk from the hotel.


Local transport

This is one of the town beaches and the first place that we sighted some sea glass.  We spotted it from the walkway and walked all the way back to the start of the beach to make sure we covered every inch of sand – we collected a huge haul.  A great start!


As the sun started to set, the glitzy people began to appear in the street.  The local guide book advises that one shouldn’t wear high heels on the Greek style stone streets, but we were amongst the very few people who adhered to this advice.


This seems like a natural enough pose.

We wandered the town taking in the fabulous Greek buildings, loving the oldness and the quirky.


Paraportiani Church


This is actually the side wall of the public toilets


seen better days?


I love that he has his own cushion cover and chooses to sit right there – a foot from the passing foot traffic.

We finally stopped in Little Venice for a bite to eat and were treated to this lovely view… dinner conversation included how the hell we were going to get ourselves onto a launch like this.



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  1. Just ask! I mean, who could deny a couple of Aussie sheilas ???


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