Don’t let the sun go down…

Our last night in Naxos and we wanted to hike up the hill to the ancient ruin – Portara – the temple of Apollo.  You can find out the facts and history here if you’re keen to learn more…. but first a mojito.


The temple sits atop of a little islet which is connected by this sea wall walkway which separates the sea from the windy Grotto Beach.


The top of the hill gives you a great view of the town.


If you stand in the right spot, the temple makes for a great frame for a photo of the town…. but there are plenty of people to dodge in order to do this.


There is a flimsy rope around the ruins and people seem pretty good about not climbing on the rocks.  Everybody tries to find the best place to watch the sunset.


Which is pretty spectacular when viewed through the frame of the temple.  I had to push a couple of people out the way to get this shot.


Another lovely day on another fabulous island…. see you when we get to Paros.


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  1. What a couple of pretty sheilas.

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