I Should Be So Lucky!

What could be better than to be woken from your slumber to a chap bringing you breakfast on your balcony…. and to this view?


We ate up and took off up to the main town whilst it was still cool.  It amazes me how trees can just grow out of nothing!


Today we walked up a different road hoping the stairs wouldn’t be as steep, but we were wrong!


It did give us a chance to see some different lovely doors though.


And a different church…


The last time Kiki was in Santorini was 20 years ago and she had the best pasta carbonara of her life, so we worked our way to where the restaurant was to see if we could be lucky enough to have it again… but there was a Chinese restaurant, a souvlaki joint and a souvenir place – none of which had carbonara on the menu.

The last time I was in Santorini was about 3 years ago and we were recommended by the taxi driver to try a gyros at Lucky’s – and we did, a couple of times, so this time I promised Kiki that we would have the best gyros in town.

My heart sank a little when we got to where I thought it was when I saw Nick’s grill and an optician in the spot…


But then as we walked a little further down the street, I was lifted out of my doldrums when Kiki said – “Is that it?”


Yep, that was it alright.


She was perfect…


“This is it Kiki, this is it!”


I think we all agreed.


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