20 years ago Kiki, her now husband Nigel and his brother Shane travelled around Europe and she ate carbonara from a restaurant in the main square.  It was hands down the best carbonara that she has ever had and every one since has never lived up to it.

We searched the square when we got here and as there is now a chinese restaurant in the place where the original restaurant once stood and on enquiring about the length of time the current restaurants had been there – Kiki had to take it on the chin that a second tasting of that carbonara was not going to happen.

So, the next best thing was to go to the first restaurant we came to that had carbonara on their menu…..

The verdict was that it was very nice, but…..

It seems that we’ll never have the carbonara again like the one we had when we were 26.

IMG_1140 2.JPG

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