Here comes the rain again….

The day started out ok…. chilly, but blue skies.

We turned left out of the hotel and headed for the Canal House Museum.

I love these little smart cars which seem to be even smaller than regular smart cars.  They’re literally just a front seat and an engine.  They fit anywhere!

Then we headed for the flower market

Because of the time of year the stalls were mainly selling bulbs and seeds and fridge magnets.  There was only one shop selling fresh flowers.  The ceiling was covered in Everlasting wildflowers and it smelt gorgeous.

Across the road from the flower shops were a number of cheese shops.  We ducked into one shop to sample the wares…

and make a small purchase.

We were headed for the canal to jump onto a hop on / hop off boat when we turned and saw this storm
a-brewin’….  Note: clouds were darker in real life.

This is quite unexpected even if we had read that the forecast was for thunderstorms and rain today.  You see, usually when Me Jenny and I travel anywhere the weather just automatically clears up and we have sunshine follow us wherever we go…. but for some reason, here in Amsterdam, the word hasn’t properly gotten around, and this afternoon it absolutely pissed down – there were dogs and cats and the occasional goat pouring down on us.  We just had time to duck into a bakery where we rode out the first 20 minutes of heavy rain whilst warming up with a hot choppy and a pastry.  Then when it cleared slightly, we were off down to the boat stop.

The rain only stopped for about a minute and a half, but Me Jenny’s still smiling.

Then we hopped onboard and this was our view.

It was wet…

and cold…

We clearly weren’t the only people utilising the boat to get out of the rain.  Not sure what this lady’s story was, but her 3 companions saw no issue with her dozing off like this.

We passed by the house boat that my lovely pals, Felicity, Tammy and Matt stayed on last time we were here – It’s the green on.

And we also went passed one of the biggest floating Chinese restaurants in the world – right here in Amsterdam.

Then it was home – in the rain, back to our cosy room for a little nap.

Random pic – I do love a good play on words when naming your business…

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