Norge, takk for solen

What a lovely day!  The sun was shining on our last day in Oslo – phew!

We headed back to the palace garden to make the most of the unseasonal sunshine and came across this lovely statue (below).  The only plaque on the rock is that of a crown and the letter “S” – S for Sonja – that’s Queen Sonja.  She is the wife of King Harald.  They dated for 9 years and Harry’s Mum & Dad weren’t too pleased on him marrying a commoner, but he said well, I’m not marrying anybody else and if you want heirs to the throne…….  So they relented and allowed the marriage – how welcomed Sonja must have felt!  Anyway, in spite of all of that, she’s done quite well for herself and the people of Norway, so well done Sonja.

As an avid hiker – apparently there isn’t a mountain range in Norway that she hasn’t explored – so they had this statue made and it was unveiled by her grandchildren.  Such a lovely, down to earth image of a queen rather than the poncey, stagnate poses they’re usually made to do.

I thought I’d give you a look at the palace with some blue sky in the back ground.


A little walk through the main street taking in the sights and checkout out the people….. and mice.  Mickey ghosted us the whole way down the street.  Well played Mick!


I like to place Me Jenny in possible posing positions next to flowers cause she’s the ultimate Blomster!


Because of the beautiful day it was decided to walk the city and see all the things that we only saw through the rain streamed windows of the HOHO bus yesterday…. Here’s the finger of Christian – the man who pointed to this spot and declared that they shall rebuilt the city in that spot – then humbly called the city Christiania after himself.


When you’re walking, you do see so much more and today when we approached the Nobel Peace Centre from the footpath side rather than the road side – which is covered in building fences…. we saw the front door and that it was open!


It was really well done.  This year’s recipient was ICAN – the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons.  Good work everybody.  Hopefully more work can be done in this area before DT gets his greedy little hands on the 32 nukes he’s after so that he can claim he’s the Prez with the most ever nukes!  I can’t work out who’s madder or more childish – DT or KJU?


There is a room that is quite reminiscent of the field of lights we saw at Uluru, but this field of light features all the past winners of the Nobel Peace Prize.


This was pretty cool – all the faces of the winners as little stickers on this window with the Oslo Town Hall – where they present the Nobel Peace Prize each year in the background.  You can even purchase these faces as wall paper.


Have you ever wondered where the peace sign came from?

This saves me from typing it out….


#worldpeace #peaceout #peace #peacebewithyou

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