A little bit of conversation

When you are at such close quarters with thousands of strangers, you’re bound to hear snippets of their conversations… some have been hilarious.

Here’s an example:

A father with his two young teenaged twin boys eating breakfast.  The boys had filled their plates with chocolate donuts.  Dad was explaining that this was a good opportunity for them to make good choices.

Then he said:

“It doesn’t matter what happens – I’ll always love you.”


Without skipping a beat, one of the boys said, “What about if we killed Mum?  Would you still love us then?”

To which the dad answered: “Well, that would be sad, but I’d still love you.”

Then Mum appeared and we felt a little conflicted as to whether we should mention the conversation to her or not.

I couldn’t help think that this story sounded familiar…..


Remember the Menendez brothers?

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