Our Lovely Apartment

We really did hit the jackpot with our apartment.  We are smack in the middle of everything and we’re a mere subway ride away from everywhere.   We have 2 doormen – one stays behind the counter and the other either opens the door or pushes the revolving door for you.  It’s unnecessary, but nice.  We seem to have a different set of gents each day, so on the first day we met and introduced ourselves to Rob, but I don’t think we’ve seen him again since.

The rooms and beds are comfy, the living spaces are small, but definitely liable – I mean, how many chairs can you sit on at one time?  And it’s not like we’re going to visitors (except the Browns when they were here).  We have a laundry room in the basement which means we don’t have to send our washing  out or sit at a laundromat all day.  The views are fantastic and we are as happy as Larry about the whole arrangement.

It’s lovely to sit by the window and watch the world go by while you eat your brekky.  It’s also nice to not have to eat restaurant food for every meal.


We have had a couple of nights (Friday & Saturday) where there were some New York bogan in suped up muscle cars “givin’ it to ‘er”.  There was soooo much noise at 20 floors up, through double glazed windows, so I don’t know how ear drums weren’t burst on the street.  There was smoke everywhere after one bogan did a big broggy burnout and from our view point we could see the police van pull him over and probably gave him a stern word…. not stern enough to deter others because half an hour later, they were back.

Ahhhh, New York!

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