What about breakfast at Tiffany’s?

With ML up and raring to go this morning, I suggested that we head over to a little diner that I’d past yesterday.  It didn’t look anything special, but I love the idea of sitting up at the bar to eat.

Astro’s Diner on 55th & 6th was a happening little place….


And we got a spot at the bar – score!  Brekky was average and when I ordered a short macchiato, the chap bought me back a large mug with a full cup of froth.  I said, oooh, that’s a bit too much milk and explained how I would like it.  He said, “Yes, that’s what I think, but my boss made it and he doesn’t like me to tell him, so I’ll make it again.”  He made it perfectly.


Then we headed up to the Upper East Side walking it up 5th Ave again.

I just realised today that the Trump Tower is completely surrounded by concrete blocks and fencing.  Makes sense.


And this time – we went in.


The new campaign at Tiffany is Graffiti by Paloma Picasso and collection of graffiti inspired jewellery.  We thought this police person might have been a bit confused by it all and was writing a citation.


Inside Tiff’s


We were thinking we could snap these babies up to wear for Harry & Megan’s Wedding…


But I was all set for rings – I purchased this one from Old Navy for $8.90… I think that will do nice.  Look how long my nails are!!!!!  Fingers, however are still stumpy.


And…. ‘scuze me, but a purchase was made.


We snuck into The Pierre hotel to use their facilities and we found this amazing dining room…


Just outside we came across this lady doing a bit of natural walking in front of a camera.


And then this…..

’cause that looks natural.

I really wanted to come through for Juanita with the sunglasses selfie, but I couldn’t bring myself to go back inside BG’s, so we popped into the much friendlier Barney’s…


And here’s the magic…

That’s all we could do at Barney’s though…..


So back out on the street to wander and look at the gorgeous buildings…


There’s a much different feel in the Upper East Side.  Posher, more refined, cleaner and probably where you’d like to live if you lived here if only there was an apartment available…. oh, here’s one.


Just by chance we happened upon a hair accessory shop that sold tiara headbands and immediately purchased two for Harry & Megan’s wedding.  We are so going to rock this wedding.


We headed down to a more affordable Macy’s to have another look at gala diner dresses and ML snapped up a gorgeous gown… I was a bit exhausted to keep trying things on, so we will have to go back again another day.

We both felt like steak and I remembered when I was here with my lovely cousin, Chris we had dinner at Michael Jordan’s steak restaurant at Grand Central Station, so we jumped in an Uber and made our way up there.

But, she was closed for a private function!


With the weather starting to turn we high tailed it home in another Uber and dined right near our hotel, then we went home to wear our tiaras… I’m still wearing mine now as I type this post.


I may sleep in it.

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