Going to the Chapel

Today’s the day… I’m very excited!  This day has come around soooo quickly since the engagement was announced.

The wedding day of Prince Harry & Meghan Markle.  I love them!


Without much thought for people in the USA, the guests started to arrive at 9am GMT – that’s 4am in New York!  So we’d clearly have to wait for the reruns to see those people.


I did get up at 6am though and donned my tiara just in time to see Harry and Wills arrive.


ML appeared just in time for Meghan to arrive.


We created our own high tea complete with vegemite on biscuits, cucumber, turkey and cream cheese on bicces, an assortment of sweet biscuits, them some gluten and dairy free things at the top – just to mix it up, red velvet cake pops and some pallet cleanser strawberries….. this is how it’s done Lillies Victorian Establishment!


George, Charlotte and the other kiddy bridesmaids and page boys did a fabulous job at looking super cute.


Here she comes…. look at those boys with their new haircuts!


These two look so in love.  I love it!  Meghan’s dress was beautiful and she chose a great tiara from Liz’s collection.  She’s so naturally beautiful.


It was so emotional… I just had to get through it with the help of red velvet popcicle.

Great kiss – not awkward at all.  Well done you two!


And then on their carriage ride, it was like they could see me through the screen!
Hi you guys!


Once it was all over, we watched the rerun so we could see all the celebs…

The US commentators didn’t like the fact that Victoria looked so miserable though.  It’s her schtick.  I read somewhere once that she is photographed so often that it would feel daft if she were smiing ALL the time.  she looked lovely in navy.


Well done Becks, looking very dapper… funny nobody mentioned the fact that he wasn’t grinning from ear to ear.


I don’t know who this lady is, a model maybe? but I love her dress.


And Pippa wore a beautiful dress as well, even though she did look a little like this Green Tea can.


I ended up watching the whole thing through again…. I loved every minute.  The US Reverend, the gospel choir, Meghan’s Mum, Camilla’s hat, the beautiful chapel, the carriage ride, Kate’s whole outfit, the inclusion of Diana’s sister, Lady Jane,  and the fact that they asked members of the public and not politicians.  I can’t wait to see all the official photos and hear the stories of the reception and after soirée…

… but now it’s time for a bit more royal nigh nighs.


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  1. LUV all your selfies Shell. Such a goon….gave me a great laugh this morning. Now off to Beat the Feet and hope to see YourJen at Carrol’s Birthday lunch afterwards. Keep ’em coming..xxxxxxxx


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