Uptown & Downtown & Uptown…

Woke again today to a rainy looking New York City.  As it’s the Memorial Day long weekend everybody kept telling us that NYC would be deserted…. but they weren’t considering the tourist quota.  We were treated to a game of who’s got the bigger… testicles car, as these little rainbow coloured match box cars revved the shit out of their engines for a good couple of light changes.  Ahhh, the sweet soft melody of the inner city.


Today’s mission was to head down to 34th Street as ML needed to pick up one last thing from Macy’s and this weekend is their big Memorial Day Sale, then the rain stopped so we decided to walk down to the Flatiron building.  I’ve now walked from the bottom of Manhattan all the way up to Columbus Circle.


Beauty…wherever you look.


On the way down Broadway we passed some of the more classier stores.  We seriously considered purchasing a weave, but I wouldn’t know what the hell to do with it.  I’d be that person who was wearing it backwards….


And this the end of town where you can buy a watch like this….


Or this…

I really did consider buying this one ⬇️


Or maybe it’s a diamond grill that you’re after?



And for the religious folk among us… how could you pass up this little number? That’s diamanté Jesus yo!


Now this little shop did lure us in with its sparkly handbags and clutches where ML made a small purchase and I couldn’t decide so left empty handbaged.


Across the road from the Flatiron building there are some food markets, that we wandered through.  The rain made it a bit tricky to stop and look at everything.


And there she was in all her glory


Can you believe that it was 32 degrees yesterday?


Check out these cool people doing a windswept pose.


Across the way in Madison Square Park there was a lovely flag display (so patriotic!)


And some interesting art work.


Makes more sense when you get on the right side of it.


The artist is Diana Al-Hadid (click on the link if you want to know more about Diana and her art… it’s quite interesting)


I know I’ve said it before, but I love the parks in NYC.  They’re always so well maintained and pretty.


Would you call these ‘stool pigeons”?


We broke the walking up with a little stop into the Belgium Beer Bar…


Where we were served by this chap with the best bowl haircut I’ve seen in a long time.


We had one drink and ML, being very sensible, thought we should move on…


So we said goodbye to the Flatiron area and headed up 5th Ave.


We made it the whole way to the NY Library (at 41st Street) before I found any free wifi in order to see which stores stocked our merino wool runners so I could get a pair for Me Jenny (surprise!), and I found a store in… would you believe it?  The Flatiron area, well just a few blocks south of there in Soho.


So we crossed a few blocks and got on the green line at Central Station to head back downtown.


This is such a beautiful building!


We found ourselves in the shopping district of Soho…. can you believe that people were lining up outside to get into stores?  This wasn’t the only one we passed. ⬇️

Anyway, we found the store and realised that they weren’t the same shoes and there were about 6,000 people in there, so we did an about turn and headed for the subway again.  Downtown, uptown, downtown and now we’re headed back uptown!


Right next to the subway entrance was this cool little market space.


There were handmade things, jewellery and retro clothes….


And New York themed art…


I considered buying my sister a little gift for when she arrives next week…..


There was even a DJ station and some cool tunes playing.


Then it was back onto the subway again.  There’s funny little artworks like this in nearly every station.


Because it was a bit rainy and chilly I decided it was the perfect day to try out the Soup Man’s (The Soup Nazi from Seinfeld) famous soups and I was not disappointed.  I went for the Chicken Enchilada Soup with the addition of sour cream and cheddar cheese and this is what they put in the bag…

A little chocolate, a slice of bread and an apple!

It was delicious and I will definitely be going back to try one of the others.


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