Our first full day in Waikiki and Chris had some family members arriving, so I left her to meet and greet them and I sat on the balcony and watched the surfers before hitting the shops.


Last time we were in Oahu this shopping centre was a market.  Now they’ve built the whole indoor/outdoor centre around the existing trees – it’s quite lovely.


A couple of items were purchased, and a few, like this lovely bag that I loved, had to stay in the shop.  It it doesn’t fit in the suitcase, it can’t come home with me, so if there are any shop owners in WA who might like to think about stocking this bag (Nic @IvyVibe) just sayin’ you’d have a ready made purchaser.


We met up with some members of Chris’ family, including her brother Peter, his wife Kay and their two adorable boys Noah and Wes who I have been bumping into all across the United States!  They were there in Miami when ML and I first landed… they were there on our first couple of nights in New York… they caught up with Jodie and me in San Fran and so it seemed fitting that they be there on my last couple of nights in Hawaii.  I don’t want to use the word stalkers, but if the stalking shoe fits….. 😉

They were staying down the beach a little bit.


At the bottom of their hotel was this sign – it’s my official clubhouse!


This morning we hit the Botanical Gardens which was really interesting… lots of beautiful flowers and amazingly HUGE trees…

It’s hard to get a good photo though when somebody wanders into your shot.


This tree is 125 years old apparently.


It was so tall and would have been awesome to climb if I were a little younger and more skilled at climbing.


This tree grew sausages.  I’m not sure how they’d go on a bit of bread with tomato sauce though.


After the gardens we hit the shops at the Ala Moana Centre which has everything from Target to Cartier (darl).  There is even a Tesla show room.

This was my favourite sight at the centre today.


After dinner I said my goodbyes to the cousins and Chris and I headed into one more shop before going home to do the final pack.  This place is a real retro American diner.  It was fantastic.  There was even a lady there seating people with a Pink Ladies jacket on…. it’s possible she was one of the original Pink Ladies from the first Grease movie.

So, now I’m all packed up and ready to hit the road (or the air) in the morning.  My luggage packed up to be a lot lighter than I anticipated which is a good thing – no more broken back muscles pulling cases up the stairs (while your sister films it and laughs at your efforts)

I can’t quite believe that the trip is finished.  It certainly feels like I’ve been travelling for as long as I have, but I could keep going.  Having said that, I am looking forward to seeing my beautiful lady friends on my return to Perth and then my lovely family in Broome.

A big thank you goes to ML who was the initiator and the driving force behind this journey; My sister, Jodie for making the trip over and sharing the train ride and the amazing scenery with me; My cousin, Chris for exploring Kauai and Oahu with me and to my other cousins, Peter and Kay for popping up at nearly every stop I made, sharing stories and exchanging travel tips over some lovely meals and giving me a chance to get to know Noah and Wes a lot more…. AND – let’s not forget how this whole trip started, back in April – the Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast with Madds and my Team Australia buddies – that seems like it could have been the 2014 Games it seems so long ago!

You are all lovely and this trip wouldn’t have been the same without any single one of you, so thank you.

One last thank you goes to you – my Shell Collection readers who have been following along with me.  This blog is not only a place for me to store my memories, but is written with you in mind to enjoy, so I certainly hope you have done just that.

Now it’s time for me to go to sleep because I have to be up tomorrow at the crack!

Until next time……

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  1. Thank you Shelley.
    I have enjoyed every moment, well the moments you shared with us.
    I can’t wait for your next trip.
    Safe journey back to WA.
    Jen xx


  2. Thanks Shelley for taking the time to do what you do best. It was always the first thing to do and read daily. Look forward to your next trip.


  3. We are going to miss stalking you! Safe travels and see you back in G Town


  4. Awaiting more from Broome – Thanks for our Daily Traveller Shell – really great to see so much of the world through you.


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