We’ll be jamon

Last night we headed out to find somewhere for dinner. Neither of us were very hungry so thought we’d just get a bit of cheese and bread to go with our bottle of wine.

There is always a lot going on along the waterfront, and tonight we felt like something a little less……. conga line! I don’t actually know what is going on here?

Me Jenny took off ahead down this little street and we found a restaurant offering exactly what we wanted… cheese √ bread √ olives √

And what goes best with wine and cheese? That’s right, jamon! We’ll have an entire plate of it por favor.

A lovely French Canadian couple sat next to us and ordered a mixed fromage è jamon plate for their entree, and the waiter had to come out and tell them that the jamon was ‘finished’ (’cause the people next to you just ate it all!) and they must choose something else. Oops!

Categories: Porto, Portugal, Travel

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  1. Yum! Looks like your are both having a great time! xx


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