L is for Lisbon

Lisbon.  Capital of the biggest city in Portugal and one of the oldest cities in Europe (and therefore the world) and the home of the original pastel de nata – apparently only 3-5 (reports differ) chefs know the original recipe!

This is the view from our room!!!


We are just walking distance to this beautiful train station…


And a hop, skip and a jump from the Church of Santa Maria which was destroyed in 1755 – the year Lisbon had an earthquake and subsequent tsunami destroying 90% of the city.  Rebuilding starting almost immediately and work continued on this church until 1834 when all religious orders were disbanded leaving the nave uncovered and the chapels incomplete.


We waiting for a table at a lovely outdoor bar where a chap was playing some beautiful guitar music, but no tables became available, so down we sauntered, back to our hotel to enjoy a bevy on our roof top terrace.


Why not, hey?

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  1. Enjoying the ride Shell…. haha xx


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