Sing us a song Edith

So, we went into a frock shop and I popped upstairs to the mezzanine level to try on a frock. And this is what I heard….

Edith Piaf’s ‘La Vie en rose’ is playing on the speaker.

Me Jenny, who is sitting downstairs waiting for me says to the shop owner: “Oh I love this song.” – Shop Owner: “yes, I love it too.”
“What’s her name?” – Shop Owner: Edith Piaf.”
“Do you sing?” – Shop Owner: NO RESPONSE

When When I came downstairs there was a lovely dog in the shop and Jenny whispered to me: “Her name is Edith Piaf.” “Who? the dog?” I replied. “Yes!” Jenny said laughing.

As I as purchasing the frock I had to speak to the shop owner and I asked, “Your dog’s name is Edith?” and he looked at me confused and said, “No, why?” Confused, I asked again, “Her name is not Edith Piaf?” and it finally dawned on him what had happened and he roared laughing…..

“No”, he said, My dog’s name is Pepé. The singer is Edith Piaf. Oh I get it now. You thought I said that the dog was Edith?”

So I thought that Jenny was asking the shop owner the name of the singer (maybe she couldn’t remember) and then asking him if he sang – which wasn’t really an odd question, except that wasn’t what was happening at all.

Poor unsuspecting Pepé had come in unnoticed by the shop owner prompting me Jenny to ask her name at that exact moment…… and then hilarity ensued!

We all laughed – in English, in Spanish and poor Edith Pepé didn’t know what the hell was going on. I think when I finally get a dog of my own, Edith Piaf will have to be on the list of names.

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