Mezquita Catedral de Córdoba

Córdoba is famous for having the most amazing and unique mosque/cathedral in the world…. “A Mosque AND a Cathedral in the same place?” I hear you ask… Yes, that’s right…. are you ready for a little bit of history? No, just kidding – this time I’m just going to let you enjoy the pics….

Here’s the link to some info if you’re keen

You’re welcome.

Here’s the view from our window – that’s the Mezquita tower.

And if I zoom in….. That’s Saint Rafael up there on the top – he’s the Patron Saint of Healing.

Under the tower is a big garden courtyard that was used for the ablutions – hence all the fragrant orange trees.

So what you can see here is the tower and the garden/courtyard, then the large rectangle is the mosque and the church is the + shape in the middle. Where most mosques in Andalucia were destroyed and a church/cathedral built in its place, with this one, they preserved most the building and created a church inside.

Just a bit of info…. it started out as a relatively small mosque in the year 987 and over the next 250 years, new rulers came and went and added their own extensions. The year 1236 marked the year that Cordoba returned to Christian rule and in the 16th century the renaissance cathedral was built smack in the middle of the building.

It’s the perfect mash-up of Jewish, Moorish and Christian architecture. It’s quite incredible to see and a bit overwhelming to take it all in.

Pic: Wikipedia
Note: obviously no people were allowed in the day this was taken!

It may be unique, but little do people know that our Geraldton Cathedral is decorated in the same way….

Jenny’s thoughts: “I thought it was just awe inspiring. It was so immense that it was hard to comprehend. There is just so much history and it was unlike anything that I’ve seen before…. and I’ve been some churches in my time. I still can’t believe they were able to build things like this in ancient times. It was beautiful.”

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  1. I’m speechless…. I’m also realising that you’re roaming around one of the worlds oldest civilisations… what a country… hermosa Espana!! xx


    • OMG Bev – you’ve got no idea – We’re constantly amazed at how old everything is. Every time we see an old stone step, we marvel at how many people must have stepped on it. It’s amazing!


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