Umm… Oops!

So yesterday we did our last things and last night we had our last meal in Salamanca – even toasting to our last evening in this beautiful city. We went to bed, setting the alarm with enough time to get up, wash hair and have brekky before our train to Madrid….

We packed our bags and did a double check in the room before heading to reception to check out.

The man at reception asked for our room number and looked very confused when he said, “Um…. we have you here as staying until tomorrow.” “Sorry, what?, but we’re already packed!”

In quadruple checking my paperwork – I realised that he was indeed correct and that we had one more day/night here in beautiful Salamanca.

Sorry Lyn! All your hard work to organise everything into a “Travel for Dummies” folder and we (and by ‘we’ I mean ‘I’ – Me Jenny doesn’t know where we’re going next let alone what date!) and I still stuff it up!

Anyway, the chap at reception and I had a little laugh and we went back to our room to plan out another day in Salamanca. As we thought yesterday was our last day we looked at everything, so we googled really hard to find something we hadn’t seen yet and came up with nothing!

So, we headed for the river. I thought if we walk along one side, we can cross a bridge and walk back down the other side and over the 2,018 year old bridge that we crossed over on our first night here thinking it would be different in the day time.

So we hit the path and got to walking….. This is a car bridge – the one we walked over first on our first night.

Then we followed the path – dodging runners and cyclists and other walkers who were powering on through their Sunday…

And the view was lovely…

We walked for a good 45 minutes before we crossed one of the 6 bridges and walked back along the other side. There were exercise equipment every couple of kms or so which I tried out for exactly the time it took for Me Jenny to take these pictures… (note photographer in bottom right hand corner lol)

… but this side wasn’t as salubrious as the other…. and we found ourselves pretty much alone, walking behind abandoned old factories and then we were all of a sudden on the main road in/out of town! Um… just how far have we walked?

Where the architecture suddenly turned “call the police”…

But we pushed through and found the walking/bike path and we arrived back at the first bridge. From there things were starting to look pretty again.

Jeez I love a good reflection.

Our own Princess Di…

Here’s the old Roman bridge that has apparently been around since the year 1AD!

View from the bridge… there were people everywhere today – walking their dogs (note dog having a swim in the river), jogging, wandering around the city centre in their Sunday best – it was a great day for people watching.

So after checking paperwork again for the 17th time – I think we’re going to Madrid tomorrow.

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