A Perfect Tasmanian Day!

So we looked out the window this morning and turned our heads slightly to the left to see Mt Wellington – with about 4 or 5 patches of snow.  Yesterday it was covered by clouds, so today’s glorious sunshine has cleared up the Mountain View question.


Today is Saturday and in Hobart that means it’s all about the Salamanca Markets.

IMG_0531 IMG_0533

You can find pretty much everything here from wooden products, to woollen fox stolls, to crocheted outfits, to fruit and veg to flowers and everything in between.

IMG_0537 IMG_0540

Seriously, what’s a market without a balloon designer?


You’ve got Kevin, the bowl maker……


There were about 4 million people at the market today, but most kept to the left, which made it pretty easy to manoeuvre.

IMG_0549 IMG_0550

I was so close to purchasing this Animal beanie, but then I realised that I don’t live in a cold climate anymore….. cause that would be the ONLY reason to not buy it!


Something for everyone!


Well done Salamanca Markets – always worth a visit.

Being such a gorgeous day it was decided to have a wander around Battery Point with it’s gorgeous old houses and buildings….


Looked in a couple of shops…..


IMG_0560 IMG_0561

And made our way to Narryna – a house museum that was built in late 1830s!  Our tour guide was doing a spot of gardening when we arrived, so she wasn’t terribly busy, then she managed to show us through the first 3 rooms before a barrage of people barrelled through the door and she had to leave us to attend to the new guests.  I must say, even though what she was telling us was extremely interesting, we were happy to be left to our own devices.


They had refurbished the rooms with replica wallpaper from back in the day.  Like this one ▼ which was in the entrance hall and was meant to make you feel like you were not yet inside, but in a transition period of entrance……..


Some of the wallpapers were were shocking, but I quite like this lovely pink one one ▼


There was also some lovely collectables on the mantle pieces.



The house was holding an exhibition of old style clothing – the detail on these dresses was so amazing when you think of the amount of light they had to needlepoint under!

This this frock on the right was apparently a boys dress (?)

IMG_0576 IMG_0577

This Quaker are jug was one of my favourite pieces.  It reminded me of the outside of a sea urchin or a cable knit jumper!


We finished the night off with a lovely dinner at a restaurant called Smolt – well worth it if you’re ever in Hobart and then we RACED home to watch the last half of the AFL between the West Coast Eagles and the North Melbourne Kangaroos…….

Go the Eagles!

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