Where is Superman When You Need Him?


When we were staying in Richmond, a couple of nights ago, we came back to our cottage after dinner at the pub to find a Japanese couple standing at the door of the main house looking a little lost.  He had relatively good English and asked us if we knew where our host was.  We let them know that she was out and wouldn’t be home until later that night.  He told us that they’d been driving all day and had just arrived and that they were staying there that night.  This was odd to us as our host hadn’t mentioned that there might be people arriving whilst she was out and we also knew that the cottages were full.  So we suggested giving our host a call as she couldn’t be far away.  Then we left them to it.

Our host finally came home about 30 minutes later and a conversation was had that we couldn’t quite make out – even with our ears pressed right up against the window, but we found out the next day that the couple had made a mistake and their booking was actually for a month later.  She helped them find different accommodation for the night and we thought that was that.

Then, we drove into the next town and stopped for lunch, who should walk past us but the same chap!  Then down at Coles Bay we were making our way down a walking path and who should run past?  yep, the same guy!  Then in Bicheno….. who should we see?  you guessed it.  Then driving through St Mary’s, there he was again.  He was easy to spot cause he’s been wearing the same Superman t-shirt since Sunday!


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