Thanks Tassie

So, we’ve spent 2.5 weeks driving around the lovely Apple Isle without sampling a single apple!


Today we’re on our way back to Hobart, but we made a quick detour over to Richmond again so Jenny could have her last curried scallop pie at the Richmond Bakery – by far the best scallop pie in Tasmania.


We’re leaving Tassie not only full of fresh, local seafood, but also with the proud knowledge that we didn’t kill one single animal – that includes the hand sized arachnid at The French House in St Helens!

(believe me, I wanted to)

But we did manage to see a few live little critters.  Wombats, echidnas, pademelons… no devils though which I’m ok with as they’re not the friendliest looking of bunch – sure he looks friendly here, but you wait until he shows his teeth!

images tas_devil_265 echidna

We found a few more pieces of the jigsaw puzzle that is our family tree and gained even more of a love for the Tassie wilderness.  Luckily we left a little bit to explore for the next visit.


Thanks for coming along for the ride.  It’s always great to have to you with us.  Remember, you can click the ‘follow’ button under the widget menu on the right and any future blog posts should shoot straight into your email inbox.


Until the next adventure……


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