Here we go……

Well this has been a fair bit of time in the planning and finally we’re at the airport and we’re red red ready to go

Look how small they are!

Look how small they are!

The avid Shell Collection followers will know that I generally have a bit of a problem with packing light – but not his time!  I am flying out with only 13.1kgs of checked luggage and 4.95kg of hand luggage.  I have packed only my favourite clothes and I plan to wear them over and over – so get ready for photos that will look like they were all taken on the same day.

First in line!

First in line!

We are about an hour to an hour and a half drive away from the airport (depending on the traffic), so being good travellers, we arranged to be picked up from home even earlier so the strike action didn’t effect our customs and immigration journey.

Let me tell you briefly about the strike that was mean to happen here.  I’m all for people fighting for their rights and fighting for what is right for them, but I’m at a loss to understand how potentially ruining the holiday of thousands of people can be the right way to achieve your goal.  I mean, what do the politicians care if people miss their holiday?

However, we awoke this morning to news that because of the devastation in Belgium yesterday, the strike had been cancelled – which is great for travellers, maybe not so good for the people wanting the strike, which meant that we were super early – in fact, too early to check in, which meant – silver lining – we were first in line!
Brussels Tribute

If I can just say, regarding the tragedy in Belgium – I can only imagine the terror that those people must have experienced when the explosions happened; which means that the people responsible for it achieved their goal – creating terror; which is why it is lovely to see people joined together with their combined statement of

“together we stand and we won’t be beaten”.



So here’s cheers to all those who have lost their lives or lost loved ones to these crazy bastards.  Don’t stop living; don’t stop travelling; don’t stop doing the things you love to do because a very small group of people who you don’t know would prefer you didn’t do them.

Let The Asian Adventure begin……

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  1. Yes, you and JenJen go and enjoy yourselves and leave Colin to the harsh elements of the Abrolhos. Fortunately, we have Greg over there setting up traffic lights and passing lanes. You have fun over the next month in the knowledge that we are here to replace you as senior carer and looking after his every whim!!!! and whims he has plenty of.


    • I think Dr Whom, you will find that your attempt at making us feel guilty has fallen on deaf ears. You are telling us nothing we don’t already know regarding the plethora whims, so you enjoy your time as senior carer.


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